Accommodation & Travel:
Traveling costs are not included in packages.
Petrol costs are charged at AA rates or as agreed upon in the quote from Swellendam.
We do have accommodation facilities in Somerset West but if the event is more than 50km from Swellendam (or Somerset West) accommodation in a 3 star or similar have to be arranged and paid for in advance for us.
Please email me for a detailed quote which will include your package option and traveling costs.

Seating and meals please have to be included for 2 people (Adam + Lize) at the reception of your wedding.

Terms and conditions of the contract:
Additional terms and conditions need to be signed by groom and bride and emailed back after booking.
Wedding dates are only confirmed by payment of deposits…no wedding dates can be kept open.
First paid=booked.


We have to abide to copyright laws and we therefore have to make sure the music we use are legal.

For your DVD:

We can use any songs you like for your DVD.

It is illegal to copy a song from a CD and give it to me to rewrite again… I buy them online again…you just give me the list of songs you want.

For your online highlights video:

We have to buy music from sites that give us rights to use their songs online… We thus make use of websites such as or If you want you can visit those sites and choose your online music song yourself.