Hi my name is Lize van Wyk and together with the help of my awesome husband Adam we love filming weddings.


I grew up in Lambertsbay on a farm (My parents own the beautiful wedding venue Bosduifklip Restaurant and my sister is the awesome wedding photographer Coba Photography.)


On all the paths God has led me I have always been part of something creative….and I can see how everything I learned shaped me to now do wedding videography.


In 2010 I started filming and editing wedding videos for friends with borrowed cameras and by doing so I realized just how much I loved filming wedding videos. In 2012 we moved to Swellendam…and it was here that I decided that I want to full time do wedding videography.


God loves wedding days. He designed them to be a picture of heaven on earth. He intended them to be a foretaste of something far bigger than the bride and groom, far more than the cake and flowers. He created wedding to be a demonstration of who He is. He is the author of lasting love.


I see myself as a partner with God by filming and editing wedding days – and that is an honor.


I love the art of putting together a film of your day…the timing…the songs…the mood…the style…it all takes time…but in the end it all flows together to produce a film you will love, a film you will watch over and over again.


Now you too can relive love’s moments


Adam & Lize