My wedding day advice

Here is some of my wedding tips…some just as a former bride…other as a videographer wanting the best quality footage for your wedding film.


Getting ready:

For photos and video choose a room with good light…and enough space for all your bridesmaids..and us.

This is a very exciting time…but also your most nervous…you know yourself best so -if you are an introvert…don’t have 10 bridesmaids chatting all around you.

Have your favourite music playing

Eat and drink enough before getting dressed!

Make sure your make-up and hair is finished early so you can have a little moment before having to rush to put your dress on. (Also set out enough time for putting on your dress…especially if it there is lots of buttons or tying to be done.)

For the video: if you are not shy I would love to hear your side of the story of how you met and fell in love. :-)  This we can do while you hair and make-up is being done.



If you can inform the master of ceremonies or pastor to make announcement before you arrive at church that family and friends should abstain from taking photos or videos. There are many times some of them block our view or come into our shots to take their photo or video.

This is what your wedding day is all about…the vows!!!

Say your own vows…or repeat vows after pastor…that few minutes is what it is all about! If you feel you might be too shy…I can promise you…you are so in your own little world…you hardly notice anyone around. So turn to each other..hold hands…and stare into each other’s eyes.(maybe even practice that at home) :-) Mr groom…your bride will be looking sooo beautiful you would anyway  not be able to stop starring at her.

For rings: Make sure you are turned towards me and the photographer when placing on the rings…and do it slowly so we can get the shot.

Practice your first kiss before the big day as to what would be appropriate for you…and also…do it slowly :-)


Confetti moment:

When you step out for the world to shower your with blessings! Stop…give your bride a huge kiss…Trough your hands up in the air…and let your wedding party cheer you on! Because you are now married! Enjoy that cheerful moment!



Plan games/activities/photo-booth…of any kind of entertainment for your guests.  They have to keep themselves busy for quite a while.



Have a good list of who needs to be on the photos…and have a bestman or bridesmaid who kind of knows who is grandmother and your aunt to do the gathering. The efficiency of this completely depends on who that person is.

Now you are married!!! You will now for first time feel you can really relax and enjoy the day.

 Tip: Ask your best man or maid of honour to arrange champagne and a snack for you to enjoy after family photo session.

With the photos I let the photographer direct and manage the location and poses. I might here and there suggest something I want you to do specifically for me…but most of the time you just listen to photographer.

One thing I can suggest is that you enjoy the special time of your couple photos. Be in the moment and remember this is the only time during your wedding day that the two of you are ‘alone’.

Tips: When you are doing a kiss or pose don’t abruptly stop the movement or kiss…photo’s don’t see it…but film does. Kiss slowly, move naturally, and be the happy just married couple you are!



Good light please!



For me speeches sometimes make the wedding…and next to the vows…this is the heart of the wedding.  It is the time to say thank you for those you love and care about. Don’t always get somebody else to say something on your parents…do the speech yourself or have someone read a speech on your behalf. Get the family involved, sisters, dad grandmother. The closer the people are who is giving the speeches the more heartfelt they will be.

Groom prepares something special to say to your bride. Read it if you have to! But don’t just say she looks pretty. She will forever see on the video that you hardly said anything. Tell us how you met, how you purposed and why you love her!  If you are one of those ‘lucky’ guys who will be sprayed and boo’d….just know they see it as their job…you just focus and do your part…just talk over them! ….and if you can…go stand next to your bride when you want to say something to her…then they can’t spray you all wet! :-)


Now the dancing!


First dance:

If you don’t mind….have your first dance just being the two of you….you will never have such a special dance as that one ever again. I remember from mine…I felt like I was dancing on clouds.  We would love to get lots of pretty shots of the two of you…without people dancing all around you.


Party time:

Have disco lights!!! This adds lots of atmosphere and great light for video….

Make sure the two of you make time to dance! (if you are not dancers….just pretend to be for a few songs…bust a few moves and have a laugh…you won’t regret it) Groom make sure you dance with your bride!!!!!