Another absolutely beautiful wedding at Bosduifklip Restaurant in Lambertsbay. (My parent’s restaurant)  I was extremely happy to have been able to be there. David and Marianka  were the first couple to have gotten married on that specific spot of land…and to me that was always the perfect place to get married.

They decorated the place beautifully simple and ‘aards’ – which I love! Their friends and family were a group of cheerful and fun people…and they danced until late under the stars and in-between all the rocks!

I made this video especially for my parents as a promotional video….for those still looking for a unique wedding venue… visit their website! You will love it!

Date: 15 Desember 2012

Venue: Bosduifklip Restaurant, Lambertsbay.

Music: Lohstana David,Elle aime ca,INSTRUMENTAL VERSION, Royality free music