This day i would remember as the day God gave two people such a strong message….that things go wrong…but God is in control. This day was filled with true joy and celebration of love. God’s love that never ends, family love that carries you through all your growing up and two people who found each other at a time they needed someone most.
So…you ask..what went wrong….or maybe what taught them their most important lesson as they began their road as a married couple. The pastors flight got delayed and it ended up postponing the service about an hour that day. There were some tears and unexpected changes to the whole service…like ending up having to say vows on the church steps….but it was all perfect! Just the way God wanted it!
As the pastor said…this is no ordinary couple, everything they do is different.
They had one of the best first dances i have ever seen…busting out on Micheal Jackson had everyone cheering them on!
They come from close family relationships and both their moms made speeches. It was very difficult to decide which story line i should take making this video…because both their moms made such beautiful speeches. But i decided to keep it to the happy moments.
Marshall and Chamorishia it was a privilege to have been part of your very special wedding day.
May you be greatly blessed in your life together as you grow in love for each other and God.

Date: 30 August 2014
Church: Gordon’s Bay NG Church
Reception: Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West
Photographer: Suane Lourens
Music used: Standard License for You Lift Me Up (Instrumental-Hot AC Mix, Songfreedom, Inc.